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Leadership Now Online

Learn the 5 lies of listening. The 4 power phrases that create conscious conversations. And how to elevate self-responsibility to new heights, while holding others accountable with grace. New one-hour webinars that speak to leading and working in these challenging times. All with Rhonda’s signature vigor and powerful coaching!

Step Out of Drama

We’re emotionally hijacked right now. All. The. Time. In response to COVID-19 Rhonda has pooled her best coaching material to equip us to lead consciously. Notice when we’re triggered and step out of drama. Because we’re yearning for meaningful connection and support. And have lost patience for surface conversations.

Rhonda Victoor signing her book - Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom

Coaching in COVID

In response to COVID-19, Rhonda is offering online and telephone coaching in smaller packages to fit with your Professional Development budget, whatever size. She’ll prorate the series AND add in a bonus session! Now is the perfect time to dive deep into your own growth, shift your patterns, and elevate your leadership.

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