Rhonda Victoor doesn’t just teach presence. She practices profound presence right in front of us. And in so doing, she invites us to practice alongside her. She has worked in the fields of conscious leadership and conscious communication since the year 2000, as a professional speaker, coach and author.

Rhonda’s coaching clients and audiences marvel at her ability to bridge emotion and logic. As one client put it “She guides me to follow the yearning in my soul, while keeping both feet on the ground.” Rhonda has been on the keynote stage since 2004 when she became the World Effective Speaking Champion after winning competitions across Canada, Ecuador and Japan. Her high-energy stage demonstrations invite waves of laughter followed by pin-drop silence as participants notice what’s really going on within themselves.

Rhonda shines just as brightly off stage: as an author, conscious parent, and while leading mindfulness conversations and meditations. After more than a decade of publishing inspiring monthly messages called “A Moment of Presence”, Rhonda released her book “Modern Tales of Ancient Wisdom”. In it we experience a deepening of the inner journey with each chapter, mirroring the evolution of Rhonda’s career and her life.

Rhonda lives with her family in Kelowna, BC Canada steps away from glorious mountain trails. She is frequently cast in Jedi-inspired screenplays, written and directed by her children, and filmed in the forest behind her house. They rarely let her hold a light saber.

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