Who will you ignore today?

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We don’t always mean to do it. We’re busy. Preoccupied with mental chatter, long lists and a buzzing phone.

Other times we’re just uncomfortable. So averting their eyes feels easier.

But did you know that being ignored is one of the most psychologically damaging experiences we can have as adults, according to Tom Rath’s research for his book Vital Friends.

It burns. In fact, when probed, the majority of people interviewed ranked it at the same level of pain as being bullied!

Are you conscious of who you’re ignoring?

Whether it’s an employee at the holiday Christmas party, a family member, or a homeless person you pass on the street – notice them.

  • Put your phone down
  • Make eye contact
  • Smile – this will have a profound effect!

It’s time to elevate. To be conscious of the impact we have when we engage with people and when we don’t. As a conscious leader I challenge you to start a daily Walk About to really see the people you lead.

For new mini-training videos on Being Ignored, the Walk About and More visit our new YouTube page.

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Have a beautifully connected and present holiday!!

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