intention vs attachment

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A wise man asked me recently, “Are you missing out on THIS experience, because you’re so busy trying to create THE perfect experience?”

Yes. Indeed I was.

And you???

The holidays are a chance to practice letting go of attachment, which has been a focus for me this entire year.

To get clear on intention, and let go of attachment.

My clear intentions this month have included a peaceful experience. Speaking my truth. Laughing. Giving. Receiving. Abundance.

That’s where I focus each morning.

That differs wildly from attachment: the expectation for it to look a VERY specific way. For them to show up. For her to hire me. For him to apologize. When I grip onto an idea with attachment, and the it doesn’t unfold that way, disappointment abounds.

So I’m releasing attachment each night.

Intend. Not attach.

So what is your intention for today? For the holidays?

What attachment might you release?

Breathe – notice – choose.

You always have choice.

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