to plan…or not to

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I was asked last week what my plan for the new year was. My answer “I only plan weeks or maybe a few months ahead. I can’t see very far.”

I’m not saying planning is wrong. I’m just noticing that I don’t need it to be successful. I used to think I did. And then the words of Joseph Campbell sunk in, “Are you ready to let go of the life you planned to have the life that’s waiting for you.”

Hmmm…interesting. I can look back and see that sometimes my almighty plan actually had me stuck.

Lee Harris helped me see that ‘stuckness’ beautifully. He recently shared that, when there is no ease – stop! Breathe. Notice. Remember that you can choose again.

You may have only been moving toward right-field as a way to uproot you from stuckness. You can now choose to move to left-field. Now that you’re uprooted and you can see that right-field does not have the ease and flow.

Breathe. Notice. Choose again.

You always have choice.

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